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IAAPA Expos offer education sessions (EDUSessions) that are led by industry leaders to help you grow your business, to inspire you, and to advance your career. EDUSession recordings from previous Expo conferences are available to IAAPA members at no charge and can also be purchased by nonmembers.

EDUSession topics include entertainment, games and merchandise, food and beverage, human resources, safety, and more! Don't miss your opportunity to watch these educational sessions for the first time, or enjoy an encore viewing of your favorite Expo sessions.


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IAAPA Expo 2023

Session Title (click title for details)
18 Creative Ways to Fill Your Downtime
24 "Do It Today" Food & Beverage Ideas for '24
Accessibility and Inclusivity in Water Park Planning & Design
AI Panel: Emerging AI Trends in the Attractions & Theme Park Industry
Beat the Cheats: Countering Theft and Scams in the Amusement Industry
Beyond the Blockbuster: Exploring New Platforms for Visitor Experiences
Breaking Down the Silos 2.0 - Can You See Me?
Breaking Through Digital Realities: Illusions in Next-Level Live Shows & Experience Design
Burnout and Mental Health… What We SHOULD Be Talking About
Competitive Fun: Why Sport Themed Experiences Are Growing In The Eatertainment Social Gathering Industry
Criminal Liability for Amusement Accidents and the Impact of Social Media
Develop Brand Heroes - How Empowered Team Members Live Positive Culture Out Loud!
Did Your Guest Leave Their Brain in the Car? Contingency Planning for Park Operations
Dynamic vs Variable Pricing – The Great Pricing Debate & Why It Matters To Your Consumer (And You)
Emerging Technologies: What's Next in Immersive Experiences?
Employee Engagement Comes Before Guest Engagement
Employee Support in 2023: The Care and Feeding of Your Employees
Empowering Women in the Entertainment Industry: Insights from IAAPA Executives
Failure to Launch: How to Avoid Common Venue or Market Launch Pitfalls
Family Matters 6.0: Behind the Curtains, Insights from Non-Family Employees at a Family Business
Fix Your Train Wreck: Strategies for Creating Engaging Training Programs to Increase Your Workplace Performance
Food & Beverage Case Studies
Funworld Presents: Designing For 2026 and Beyond
Generate More Profit From Virtual Reality
Harnessing The Power of PR to Elevate Your Brand, Boost Content and Drive Attendance
How Cubic Feet - Not Square Feet - May Be Your Answer To Profitability
How to Expo Like a YoPro: Engaging the Future: Connecting with Young Professionals in Our Industry
How To: Standardizing Best Practices Across Aquatic Facilities
IAAPA Expo First Timers Welcome
Interactive Guest Experiences - What is Being Offered Now, and What Can Guests Expect in the Future
Let’s Get Social!
Leveraging Simulation To Power Your Labor Scheduling
Managing Aquatic Related Emergencies – A Full Lifecycle Approach to Preparedness
Quantifying Risk – How Much is Too Much?
Restaurant Renovation for Any Size Budget
Shall We Play a Game? Using Gamification In Your Experiences
Show and Tell: Using Entertainment to Educate
Soft World Building and Non-Linear Storytelling
Taking the Madness Out of Birthday Parties: Tips for Managing Increasing Guest Expectations
The Anatomy of A High-Performing Arcade
The Big 4 to Create More Storytellers For Your Attraction!
The Budgeting Mindset – An Insight into Budgeting and Forecasting Techniques, Cost Saving Ideas and the use of AI
The Intersection of Guest and Employee Experience
The Metaverse and The Future of Live Entertainment
The Ultimate Guide to Driving ROI Through Marketing Automation
Top Trending Communications Topics in Our Industry for 2024 (and how to navigate them!)
Using AI for Personalization
When Is A Crisis A Crisis?

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IAAPA Expo Europe 2023

Session Title (click title for details)
AI in Practice
Be Customer Centric: From Reactiveness to Proactiveness
CEO Talk
Emerging Trends in the Attractions Industry: What’s Happened Since IAAPA Expo Europe 2022?
Festivalization: Blurring Lines Between Parks and Music Festivals
FooZ Ideas: Food at the Zoo
From Chaos to Calm: How to Master Crisis Communications
Human Capital: The Heartbeat of our Industry
Iconic Ride: Helix at Liseberg
Keeping Us Engaged
Leadership Breakfast
Mega Trends and Societal Changes: Attractions Industry in an Everchanging World
More than just Giga Projects and Cruise Ships: The Real Focus on the Middle East
Online Promotion: Lessons in Native Ads, Online Displays, and Social Media at Crystal Worlds
Safety and the Human Factor
TEA Presents: Masterplanning the Ever-changing Future
Tech Lab: Digital, Data-Driven Personalisation
The Art of Effective Leadership: Simplifying the Right and Challenging the Wrong
The New Frontiers of Accessible Tourism: The Importance of Training
The Power of Strategic Investments: Why Invest in Themed Entertainment
The Visitor Magnet: How to Build Brand Loyalty and Capture Repeat Guests

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IAAPA Expo Asia 2023

Session Title (click title for details)
An Insider’s Guide to Food & Beverage Operations at Theme Parks and Resorts
Attraction Market Trends in Southeast Asia
Creating and Maintaining an Operational Budget
Excellence in Retail and Merchandising
How Data-Driven Tech Drives Business Growth & Deliver World-Class Experiences
Safe and Efficient Guest Evacuation from Rides and Attractions
Success at the Core: Defining a Winning Creative Strategy for Your Experience

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IAAPA Expo 2022

Session Title (click title for details)
#AttractionProsLIVE! at IAAPA Expo 2022
10 Creative Ideas for Recruitment in 2023
Ask the Experts: Using Data to Drive Results
Attraction Security in 2023: Preparing for the Unexpected
Beverages and Bottom Lines: How Drinks Drive Profit
Blame On! Your Definitive Leadership Guide to Holding People Accountable
Breaking Through: Technical Roles for Young Professionals
Building a Food Safety Culture
Capacity Planning: Building it Right The First Time
Championing the Visitor Experience: ESG/DEIA Values and Guest Expectations
Creating Immersive Technology Experiences For Less: Leveraging Your AV System
Designers and Engineers: Talk Nerdy to Me
Digital Marketing in a Mobile World: Transparency, Trust and The Value of Exchange
Doing More With Less: Maximizing Labor Efficiency When Cost Matters Most
Festivals and Special Events: Driving Revenue and Attracting New Guests
Happy Team, Happy Guests: Building Employee Engagement Programs That Work for the Attractions Industry
Have Fun In Games! How to Build a Unique and Fun Guest Engagement Program for Games Employees
How to Bring Your Marketing In-House
How to Get Free Marketing Through Earned Media & Social Influencers
How to Guide Research Tactics Within the Attractions Industry
How to Know When it's Time to Expand Your Brand or Offering
How to Make Your FEC The Place People Want to Work
How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Strategies
How Your Digital Experience Impacts Your Onsite Experience
Human Factors in Attractions
Immersive Theater in Location-Based Entertainment: The Creative Whys and the Operational Hows
Introduction to Special Effects: What are Special Effects and How Can I Utilize Them in My Business?
It's Not "If" It's "When" - Perspectives on Emergency Preparedness
Leadership Development: Breaking Down the Silos
Leave Legacy Systems in the Past and Streamline Your Operations
Let's Get Spooky! Transforming Your Attraction for Halloween Season
Marketing and HR: Why Recruitment Campaigns Benefit Both
Marketing Technology Innovations For Your Attraction: Four Real-World Opportunities to Grow Revenue and Attendance
Maximizing Transactions: Ways to Increase Throughput and Revenue
Menu Mix 101: Increasing Profitability at Your Facility
Now What? Not Again! Preparing Your Team for Incidents
Optimizing your eCommerce Performance
Practical Guidance for Injury Claims: What to Do When a Guest or Employee is Injured
Recruitment Marketing: Talent Acquisition Throughout The Great Resignation
Retrospective: The Past, Present, and Future World of Virtual Reality
Ride Design for the Non-Rider: How to Engage Every Guest
Ride Operations & Guest Engagement: It's Not Just About Service
ROI on Your Sustainability Efforts: The Costs and Benefits
Safety in Attractions: Risk Assessment Best Practices
Solving Problems as a Young Executive
Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Resource - People
The Business and Future of Surf Parks
The Future of Entertainment & Leisure in the Middle East, UAE and Abu Dhabi
The How YOU Doin' Panel: Taking Care of Ourselves, Our Teams, and Overcoming Staffing Challenges
The Infinite Game: How to Lead in Times of Stress and Uncertainty
The Results Are In:  The Impact of Water Park Equipment on Hotels and Resorts
The Right "BOO" for Your Brand
The Trickle Down Rut: How Investor Behavior Has Impacted Attractions
Thinking Differently about Digital Experiences in Museums
TikTok or Not? Insights on Social Media’s Hottest Platform
When Did You Know it was Time to Go?
Your Attraction's Audio: A Key Element to Creative Design and Strong Brand Recognition

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IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

Session Title (click title for details)
Be Inclusive! Learn How to Make it Happen for Your Organisation
Brave Investments
CEO Talk
Career Slam - Find Your (Young) Professional Purpose
Creating an Iconic Attraction: The Making of Eurosat - CanCan Coaster
Crisis Communication Planning - Tips & Tricks
European Theme Park Legends
Foodalicious: New Trends and Ideas to Innovate Your Food and Beverage Experience
Hospitality by Design
New UK Attractions You Need to Know About
Planet Attractions Presents: How to Make Friends and Influence People - Working with Influencers
Queue Line Design Toolbox
TEA Presents: The Things We Miss When Creating Attractions
Understanding the Mechanism of Public Funding Opportunities
You've got Data. Now what?
Zoo and Aquarium Panel

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IAAPA Expo 2021

Session Title (click title for details)
A Big Brand Means a Big Responsibility: Living Up to Today’s Consumer Expectations
A Stimulating Experience – Excitement for Some, Anxiety for Others
Accessibility and Inclusion: Providing Great Guest Experiences for All
Bringing it Back to the Basics: Lessons Learned from Resilient Theme Parks and Attractions
Creative Expense Management Strategies in a Strained Market
Developing Annual Pass Loyalty: A Look at the Important Base of Your Business
Dynamic Pricing Philosophies for Ticketing, Tours, Activities, and Events
Engaging Leadership: Strategies to Make Employees Your Competitive Advantage
Faced with a Lawsuit: The Importance of Frontline Training
FEC: Experts Weigh in on Esports
FEC: Ideas and Strategies for Group Sales
FEC: Increasing Customer Lifetime Value and Driving Repeat Visits
FEC: Key Strategies for Opening a Facility that Thrives
Focus on the FUN! Creating Memorable and Unique Experiences for Games and Merchandise Teams
Food & Beverage Management 101: Controlling the “Big 3” Expenses
Food & Beverage Trends 2021
Group Sales Strategy: Implementation and Evaluation Methods That Lead to Success
Leadership Development - The Lost Art of Listening
Millennials and Gen Z: Different Generations, Different Marketing
Partnering with Academia: Accomplish your Mission and Protect Your Future
Revolutionizing the Future of Theme Park Design
Skyrocket Your Food & Beverage Revenue and Maximize Profits!
Strategic Storytelling: The Art, Craft, and Science of Story

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