Employee Engagement Comes Before Guest Engagement

Session Description

Employee engagement is a workplace approach that aims to create the right conditions for all organizational members to give their best, be committed to organizational goals and values, be motivated to contribute to organizational success, and enhance their well-being. It is based on trust, integrity, two-way commitment, and communication between an organization and its members, and it contributes to business success by improving individual and organizational performance, productivity, and well-being.

Research shows that increasing employee engagement can lead to a 0.6% increase in revenue for every 1% increase in engagement, a 37% reduction in sick days, a 30% increase in productivity, and up to 2.5 times better customer satisfaction.


  • Ruby Newell-Legner, Guest Experience Strategist, 7 Star Service

  • Chris Perry, Executive Director - Waterpark Operations, Qiddiya Investment Company


 CEUs: N/A

 Session Time: 60 minutes

 Language: American English

 Key Features: Recording of live presentation from IAAPA Expo 2023


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