Burnout and Mental Health… What We SHOULD Be Talking About

Session Description

Burnout is not new, but it’s getting renewed attention as we are dealing with unforeseen challenges brought on by recovering from a pandemic, dealing with elevated expectations from team members and guests and continually being asked to do more with less. Because burnout is as much about a mental state of being as a physical one, burnout and mental health should be spoken about in the same conversation. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and when those are put under tremendous amounts of stress, it affects how we think, feel, and act. When those outward behaviors are seen or felt, we often call it burnout. In this session, we will examine the fundamental elements of both burnout and mental health and examine strategies to handle stress, relate in positive ways to others and make (overall) healthy choices in our lives. We will also discuss the position a leader is in to identify and help address the warning signs in their staff.


  • Tony Sanders, General Manager, Old Tucson

  • Mona Ostrowski, Burnout Recovery Coach


 CEUs: N/A

 Session Time: 60 minutes

 Language: American English

 Key Features: Recording of live presentation from IAAPA Expo 2023


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