Show and Tell: Using Entertainment to Educate

Session Description

The purpose of this session is to explore the power of entertainment when applied to educational goals. Many museums, zoos and aquariums shy away from the word "entertainment" because they mistakenly believe that it goes against their educational mission. In this session participants will learn to embrace entertainment techniques as useful tools in creating effective educational presentations. The most basic application is training presenters to be impactful communicators. By involving audiences emotionally, the material presented will be significantly easier to retain.

In addition to this storytelling approach to content, this session will also discuss the importance of theatrical production (lighting, video, scenic) for visual learners and interactive performance techniques to address the needs of kinesthetic learners. There will also be a discussion about seasonal events (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) and how they can include key educational messaging while still being fun and engaging. Case studies from around the United States will illustrate how these techniques can be applied without contradicting an organization's mission statement or educational legacy.


  • Scott Swenson, Owner, Scott Swenson Creative Development LLC


 CEUs: N/A

 Session Time: 60 minutes

 Language: American English

 Key Features: Recording of live presentation from IAAPA Expo 2023


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