Managing Aquatic Related Emergencies – A Full Lifecycle Approach to Preparedness

Session Description

This session will explore the five key areas that any waterpark operator can implement or further develop to best prepare for an aquatic related emergency at their facility. The key areas and essential questions include:

  1. Pre-service training: What training and actions should be taken before a lifeguard takes the stand?
  2. In-service training: How is time during on-going lifeguard in-service training best spent?
  3. Audit: How often and what type of audits should the facility conduct?
  4. Hands-on drills: When and how often do are internal and external parties such as EMS involved in practicing scenarios?
  5. Incremental Refresher: How is knowledge verified so that it is not lost from season to season or year to year?

After examining the 5 key areas that make up the full lifecycle approach, incident management of an aquatic related emergency will be discussed. The purpose of this session is to stress the importance of proper emergency preparation at an aquatic facility and the vital role that each key area plays in a creating positive outcome.


  • Justin Brown, Assistant Director, Aquatic Operations, Universal Orlando Resort


 CEUs: N/A

 Session Time: 60 minutes

 Language: American English

 Key Features: Recording of live presentation from IAAPA Expo 2023


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