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This is my first time purchasing online learning from IAAPA. Where do I start? The first step is to register for an IAAPA account. Follow the instructions for becoming an IAAPA member, for being added to your existing member company roster, or for creating a non-member account. Then visit our Online Learning Home to explore the learning opportunities.
I'm already an IAAPA member with an account. Why do I need to sign in?

IAAPA's online learning portal helps you easily track your learning files and training. The good news is you receive the same exclusive benefits from your IAAPA membership in the learning portal. Simply login to your existing account here.

Not an IAAPA Member yet? Learn about IAAPA Membership.

I have an online learning account, but I am unable to login.               IAAPA's online learning account is tied to an IAAPA account. If you have never created an IAAPA account please register for a new account here. Be sure to register using the same email previously used for your online learning account. If you are still having trouble accessing your account contact please contact IAAPA Education for assistance.
I have an IAAPA membership but I only see the nonmember price for products. In order to access IAAPA member pricing you must first log in to My Learning Account.
Can I purchase courses for someone else?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Yes! It is simple to purchase courses for other users. Once you have selected the course, before adding it to your cart, edit the number of Seats you would like. Seats are equal to courses in this instance. Use the Register dropdown list to select "Purchase for Team Training". Proceed to check out as usual.

From My Learning Account, you can easily assign courses to existing users by emailing them, or you can assign courses to new users* by creating a learning account and emailing them. They will access the courses by logging into their own accounts.

*It's important to note, all learners must have an IAAPA account in order to access the learning portal. New users will need to register for an IAAPA account before accessing their learning account.

I bought a Professional Development Subscription. How do I access the included courses without additional fees?                                                                                                                                                          All courses listed on the Professional Development page are included with your subscription. Courses can be selected at any time during your subscription year. Simply add the course(s) to your cart and continue to check out. The subscription discount is automatically applied and you will receive an order confirmation detailing the discount.
Where do I access the courses that I purchased? Once you have succesfully completed an order, courses can be found in the Files and Training section of My Learning Account.
Someone else purchased a course for me. How do I access the course?

If you are an existing user, you will receive an email inviting you to login to your learning account to view your course. 

If you are a new user*, you will receive an email with instructions and credentials to login to your new learning account. 

The course can be found in the Files and Training section of My Learning Account. If you do not see the new course, please follow up with the purchaser so they can assign the course to you.

*It's important to note, all learners must have an IAAPA account in order to access the learning portal. New users will need to register for an IAAPA account before accessing their learning account.

Where can I find a history of my purchases? Once you have succesfully completed an order, a list of purchases can be found in the Order History section of My Learning Account.
How long do I have access to the courses that I purchased? 

Learners are given 90 days from the date of purchase to complete a course. After 90 days have expired, the course will no longer be available to launch, however, if completed, the certificate of completion will remain in your account. Refunds are not granted for courses not started or completed within 90 days.

I am unable to launch the course in my Files and Training. If 90 days have expired, your course is no longer available. If the course has not expired and you experience issues when attempting to launch, please contact IAAPA Education for assistance.
There are no prices listed for bulk order purchases of online courses. Is special pricing available? Please contact IAAPA Education to discuss bulk pricing options.
Will I receive a certificate of completion for each course? A certificate of completion is granted upon successful completion of each course. Included on the certificate is the learner's name, course name, date of completion, as well as the continuing education units (CEUs) assigned (if applicable).
How are continuing education units (CEUs) calculated?                                                                                                                                                              

CEUs are assigned based on the typical amount of time a learner needs to complete a course. IAAPA CEUs follow this scale:

0-30 minutes = .50

31-60 minutes = 1.0

61-90 minutes = 1.5

91-120 minutes = 2.0

Will continuing education units (CEUs) earned from completed courses count toward IAAPA recertification or renewal?

CEUs accumulated from completed courses may count toward recertification or renewal for IAAPA’s certification programs. Please see our Certification Handbook for more details or contact Alissa DeMeglio at 

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