Efficient Food & Beverage Locations: Strategies for Increasing Throughput

Course Description

Understanding how to measure the performance of your food and beverage locations is key to the overall success of your operations. This IAAPA course will introduce you to strategies for measuring the performance of your food and beverage locations. Discover how key performance indicators and review techniques will help you gather and analyze performance data that are crucial to achieving optimal efficiency, sales, and service goals. Once you understand how to use these performance metrics, you will be able to better answer some of the following questions:

How many transactions can you get from each location? 

What changes can be made to increase throughput? 

How can this operation be more efficient?

This course will also explore industry best practices for efficient operations. Learn how to get the most from your operation with facility design, equipment arrangement, menu design, and self-ordering technology.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to use Key Performance Indicators to measure your infrastructure
  • Identify techniques for improving efficiency


CEUs: .50

 Training Time: 30 minutes

 Language: American English

 Key Features: Inline Activities, Post-Assessment


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