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4 Communication Skills Everyone Needs

Ever-increasing complexity in the workplace means that effective communication skills are more important than ever. Peter Quarry outlines to Eve Ash the four key communication skills needed for survival. Learn more.

A Civil and Respectful Workplace: Building a Strong, Affirmative Culture

This course explores what constitutes a civil and respectful workplace, what behaviors promote or compromise it, and how to take personal responsibility to foster and maintain it. Learn more.

Better Business Behavior

Not everybody actually knows how the working world works. That’s where Better Business Behavior comes in. Designed for entry-level professionals (and the occasional seasoned veteran who needs a bit of a refresher), this course is certain to have a positive impact on both attitude and productivity. Learn more.

Better Business Communication

With so many different forms of written, spoken, and visual communication, it can be challenging to know best practices for various situations. This short training series is designed to help you take your interactions with others to the next level. Learn more. 

Business Ethics & Code of Conduct

Create, communicate and enforce an effective Code of Conduct for your organization by knowing the 4 key elements that will be crucial to its success. In this course, you will learn the role a Code of Conduct plays in defining expectations and establishing a culture within your organization. Learn more.

Business Execution: 01-Execution Strategies

Learn the fundamentals of business strategy execution in this insightful course that helps you to turn ideas into actions that guide your business forward successfully. Learn more                     

Communicating Effectively

In this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how communication works so that you can express yourself clearly, forge deeper connections with others, and avoid misunderstandings. Learn more.

Emotional Intelligence

Research shows that emotional intelligence is perhaps the most important factor in academic success, job performance, and life success. It’s even considered more important than IQ! This course will help you understand emotional intelligence, both internally and externally. Learn more.

Emotions versus Evidence

When things start going wrong, how do you stay calm and assess the situation rationally? This course will teach you how to keep emotions from clouding your judgment at work. Learn more. 

Food Safety: Food Safety for Food Handlers

Learn about common food allergens and how to prevent cross-contamination, as well as the best food safety practices for food handlers based on guidelines from the USDA and CDC. Learn more.

Food Safety: For Food Managers

Learn about some of the biggest problems in food service and the best ways to prevent them in your workplace. Learn more.

Get Smarter With Goals

Take your SMART goal setting strategy to the next level by knowing how to continually motivate and challenge yourself using the SMARTER approach. In this course, you will learn how to use 3 simple strategies to achieve your goals. Learn more.

Getting Stuff Done

Increase your momentum and get things done. This practical course delivers handy tips to keep you motivated, action-oriented, and focused on results. Learn more.                                        

Satisfying Challenging Customers

Every customer is different! Explore how to help a sample of different challenging customer situations with a friendly, calm and professional approach. Learn more.                                             

Security Awareness

Safeguarding your organization from security threats should always be a priority. This course provides an overview of security as it relates to protecting work, physical assets, intellectual assets and personnel. Learn more.

Setting Goals and Guidelines for High Performance

Set robust ground rules and agreements to promote a successful team culture with effective team dynamics to achieve high performance. Use SMART goals to motivate your team and track performance. Learn more.

Solving Performance Problems

Manage your relationships on an adult basis when things get tough and be able to deal with performance issues in a calm, consistent and systematic way. Learn to respond constructively to denial or emotional responses. Learn more.

Team Decision Making

Good leaders are able to listen to the entire team’s input when making decisions. In this course, you will learn how to make decisions more effectively as a group. Learn more.                                         

Team Working Excellence

Learn the 4 key skills you need to be a highly valued team player who contributes effectively to your team's productivity and success. In this course, you will learn why team players are valuable to any organization and how you can contribute to your team to maximize productivity its and support the end goal. Learn more.

Telephone Doctor Customer Service: 01. The Service Mentality

Get up-to-speed on the skills required to provide excellent customer service. This course describes in detail the behaviors and characteristics utilized by professionals who excel in the field. Learn more.

Telephone Doctor Customer Service: 02. Listening Skills

The best way to give customers great service is to understand their needs. Learn 6 listening techniques that will help you ascertain customer needs and problem solve effectively. In this course we discuss the distinction between listening and hearing. Learn more.

The Power of One- Taking Accountability to Get Results

Discover the importance of taking ownership and accountability and learn how it can have a positive impact at work and at home. Learn more.                                                                                                          

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias covers the basic concepts of unconscious (also know as implicit) bias and promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The course provides eye-opening opportunities to shift perspectives and experience the world in a way that challenges us to examine how we think about the people around us. Learn more.

Workplace Diversity, Inclusion, & Sensitivity

This course explains racial identity and racism alongside core Diversity & Inclusion concepts and provides practical steps to help individuals choose inclusive actions, improve cultural competency and address unconscious bias. The course further emphasizes the role civility and workplace sensitivity play in promoting a respectful culture. Learn more.

Workplace Safety for Office Professionals

We don’t always think of offices as dangerous places, yet, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 76,000 office workers sustain disabling injuries every year in the US alone. This dynamic and entertaining course is designed to guard you against the hidden dangers of office work. Learn more.