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Whether you're interested in self-development, training your frontline staff, new hires, or employees returning for the season, IAAPA offers valuable courses for all career levels.

Our library of industry specific training courses cover best practices, trends, and insights for your attraction. All course are available in English; some are offered in Spanish.

Sample Courses

IAAPA's excited about our new course offerings, and you will be too! Check out IAAPA’s free sample courses to see for yourself how relevant and valuable education for attractions professionals, by attractions professionals can be. Samples include a portion of the full training and provide you with a first-hand look at what learners can expect from IAAPA online courses. Take one for a free test drive today! 

Basics of Food and Beverage Management

Let’s face it – one of the best aspects of visiting an attraction is the opportunity to enjoy the food and beverage options it boasts. That is why successful team members understand how vital it is to manage quality food and beverage enterprises in such a way that ensures calculated profitability and consistently smooth operations. This IAAPA course defines and explains the basics of how team members can do exactly that. Learn more.

Best Practices for Operating a Successful Arcade Floor

Operating an arcade is more than just offering a collection of games. Successful operators know the right questions to ask when thinking about how to create a profitable arcade floor. This IAAPA course provides insights and best practices to consider for establishing, operating, and maintaining an arcade location. Learn more.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training for the Attractions Industry

Do you and your team members know what to do in a work situation involving blood or other potentially infectious material? Does each member know where your attraction’s personal protective equipment currently is and how to use it? This IAAPA course identifies the necessary precautions and steps needed to effectively prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens to ensure all team members stay safe. Learn more.

Creating and Maintaining the Guest Experience

Team members need to know guests' expectations before they can exceed those expectations and provide a "wow" experience. This IAAPA course details how to effectively go above and beyond in order to create lifelong fans of your attraction. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Your Attraction

You’ve been warned your entire life about physical theft and how to avoid it. What isn’t addressed as often is how to avoid cybercrime. Successful team members realize online precautions are an absolute ‘must’ when it comes to safeguarding your attraction from cybercriminals who, within seconds, can steal valuable data and wreak havoc. This IAAPA course outlines the risks of poor cybersecurity and how to best avoid possible breaches, ensuring these unseen criminals aren’t capable of seizing data from either your personal and/or work devices. Learn more.

Designing Immersive Entertainment Experiences at Your Attraction

What could possibly be better than a good story? Getting the chance to be in it, that's what! Audience-driven immersive experiences empower guests to build and navigate their own personal storylines, creating a world of infinite possibilities. This IAAPA course details precisely how to design this type of unique experience at your attraction. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

Designing On-the-Job Training Programs for Your Attraction

Discover how to create training programs for your attraction that will engage learners and help them quickly develop new skills in their roles. The ADDIE instructional design model is introduced to guide you through each step, from analyzing needs and setting learning goals to delivering face-to-face training. Additionally, the course covers methods for evaluating the effectiveness of your training program. Learn more.

Developing Annual Pass Loyalty Programs

Successful team members know one of the biggest markers of guest satisfaction is repeat visitation. When guests have positive experiences, they come back! So, how do you incentivize them to come back for more? Annual pass loyalty programs are an invaluable way to increase revenue while adding to guests’ sense of belonging and ownership. This IAAPA course explores whether a pass program is right for you! Learn more.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Attractions Industry

An attraction's most important asset is its people. When a workplace embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), both its employees and guests thrive. This IAAPA course defines these terms and unpacks how choosing to integrate both diversity and inclusion makes it about choice, not just compliance, and why this benefits business. Learn more. 有中文版本(简体).

Effective Strategies for Providing Exceptional Guest Service

In the attractions industry providing exceptional guest service is one of the primary responsibilities for all team members. This IAAPA course explores strategies for effectively communicating and responding to guests. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

Efficient Food & Beverage Locations: Strategies for Increasing Throughput

Understanding how to measure the performance of your food and beverage locations is crucial to the success of your operations. This IAAPA course will introduce you to strategies for measuring performance and how to leverage facility design, menu design, and guest ordering technology to help you achieve optimal efficiency, sales, and service goals. Learn more.

Elements of an Effective Job Posting

Building a successful team for your organization starts with identifying the necessary skills for the jobs and then communicating them effectively to potential candidates. This IAAPA course explains how to use job analysis to identify the necessary skills for positions in your organization and the elements of a well-written job description. Learn more.

Emergency Response and Crisis Management at Your Facility

Attractions facilities are vulnerable to a host of potential crises ranging from natural disasters, financial crises, technological breakdowns, organizational crimes, and workplace violence or acts of malevolence. Learn effective strategies and resources to help you prepare, respond, and recover. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

Engage and Entertain: Considerations for New Entertainment Programs

In addition to bringing your park to life with engaging and exciting experiences, live entertainment is a way to bring in new guests, additional revenue, and help manage capacity issues. This IAAPA online course will help you start preparing for a new live entertainment program. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

Finance Basics for the Attractions Industry

Whether you work at a small attraction or a large facility, having a basic understanding of financial concepts will help you maintain a successful operation. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to several concepts that are vital to measuring performance and planning for your attraction. Learn more.

Fire Prevention and Safety at Your Attraction

What should you first do if you see fire or smoke at your attraction? Grab a fire extinguisher? Pull the fire alarm? Run? Successful team members know the exact steps that outline what to do in case of a fire, ensuring a reduction in the risk of injury, loss of life, and damage to your attraction. This IAAPA course teaches not only what to do in case of a fire, but how to best prevent fires from happening in the first place. Learn more.

First Steps: Games Operations

This IAAPA online course is designed to help game employees with the skills they need to ensure guests have a positive experience. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

First Steps: Guest Relations

This IAAPA online course introduces your employee to the concept of guest services and their critical role in delivering a quality guest experience. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

First Steps: Merchandise Operations

This IAAPA online course is designed to help merchandise employees with the skills needed to ensure guests have a positive experience while shopping in retail locations in attractions. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

First Steps: Ride Operations

This IAAPA online course is designed to help ride employees with the skills they need in order to ensure guests have a safe and positive experience. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

First Steps: Safety

This IAAPA online course is designed to help employees with the skills they need in order to maintain a safe working environment. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

First Steps: Supervision

This IAAPA online course is designed to help train new supervisors on the skills they need in order to make a successful transition into their frontline management role. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

*New* Focus Four Workplace Hazards

Explore workplace safety in the attractions industry, with an emphasis on OSHA's Focus Four Hazards: Falls, Caught-In/Between, Struck-By, and Electrocutions. Learn how to identify, prevent, and manage these risks effectively at your attraction to ensure the safety of employees and guests. Learn more.

*New* Food Allergy Awareness

This course presents strategies and best practices that attractions can implement to successfully accommodate guests with food allergies and sensitivities. It emphasizes the importance of safety and inclusivity in food and beverage offerings, ensuring a positive experience for all guests at your attraction. Learn more.

Food Safety: Foundations for Leading an Effective Food Safety Program

Food service managers and supervisors are tasked with maintaining important preventative programs to avoid risks and ensure the safety of guests and staff. This IAAPA course explores elements of an effective safety program and how to build a culture of safety in your food and beverage operation. Learn more.

Foro IAAPA: Servicio al visitante 2024

Fomente la cultura de servicio en sus colaboradores para elevar el nivel de experiencia de sus visitantes en todo tipo de parque o atracción. El servicio al visitante es un componente fundamental de toda la operación de un parque o atracción y constituye la pieza clave de toda experiencia. Learn more.

*New* Fundamentals of Catering and Banquet Events

Elevate your attraction's event-hosting capabilities with this comprehensive course on organizing and executing catering and banquet events. Covering space planning, logistics, and menu prep, this course equips you with skills to confidently plan and execute events at your attraction, ensuring safety, efficiency, and guest satisfaction are at the forefront of every event occasion. Learn more.

Fundamentals of Effective Copywriting

Learn how to reach your target audience with a marketing message that enhances your brand, appeals to their interests, and distinguishes you from the competition. This IAAPA course introduces the fundamentals needed for effectively writing copy to market your products. Learn more.

Fundamentals of Admissions and Ticketing

Having a successful ticketing and admissions operation is critical to ensuring your guests have an enjoyable experience before and when arriving at your attraction. Understanding fundamental concepts and optimal strategies for your admissions operations will help you achieve this. In this IAAPA course, examine common ticket products and how to market them, investigate important aspects of guest hubs, and explore common metrics for measuring performance. Learn more.

Guest Engagement Strategies for Games Operations

Traditionally, it is thought that guests simply play a game, then walk away with a possible prize if they win. Guest engagement at games is so much more than that. This IAAPA course provides proven effective strategies for making games more appealing and fun. Creating strong engagement programs will increase guest participation and the profits of your games operation at your attraction. Learn more.

How to Make Your Attraction Accessible for All Guests

Effectively serving guests with disabilities starts with focusing on the person, not the disability. Attractions team members provide the best experience to guests with disabilities when they know what words and actions are preferable. This IAAPA course teaches team members how to feel comfortable safely and respectfully promoting the greatest level of service and accessibility for guests with disabilities. Learn more.

IAAPA First Steps Bundle

Comprised of six separate self-paced courses, First Steps are intended to train employees on the skills needed to ensure guests have a safe and positive experience in your attraction. These courses are excellent for frontline employees, new hires or employees returning for the new season. Learn More.

IAAPA Recruiting for the Attractions Industry Bundle

Comprised of 3 separate self-paced courses, the Recruiting for the Attractions Industry courses are intended to train employees on the skills needed to successfully recruit the right employees for your attraction. These courses are excellent for Human Resources professionals, supervisors, managers, or teams that are a part of the recruiting process at your attraction. Learn More.

IAAPA Security Training Course Series

This five-part series will provide a greater understanding of how to recognize and respond to critical incidents that range from suspicious behavior, hostile intruders, guest screening, and managing heightened emotions. Learn more. Learn more.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Bundle

Most people recognize the benefits conceptionally of making a workplace inclusive, equitable, diverse, and accessible- but knowing how to implement and sustain tangible methods to make IDEA a constant is where we can help. This bundle offers four individual, self-paced courses that focus on these concepts. Learn more.

*New* Introduction to Consumer Research Tactics

Unlock the secrets of your guest satisfaction, perspectives, and opinions with consumer research. This course discusses the importance of why understanding your audience is vital to the success of your attraction. It explores common research methodologies such as feedback surveys, guest origin studies, and competitive analysis to keep your attraction ahead, ensuring a top-tier guest experience. Learn more.

Managing Employee Safety Compliance

This IAAPA course focuses on the importance of training your employees to make safety a priority, identify risks, and use checklists for documentation and inspections. This is an excellent course for managers and supervisors in facility operations or maintenance, including FECs, large and small attractions, and theme parks. Learn more.

Merchandising Playbook: Practical Ideas for Success in Product Placement

Merchandising and product placement involves strategically displaying your merchandise to enforce the story or theme of your attraction and entice guests to make purchases. This course discusses the value of visual merchandising and how the design of your retail locations can enhance the guest experience and increase sales. Learners will be introduced to six strategies that will assist them in product placement and displays that can be used throughout their operation. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

Mes de la Seguridad IAAPA: América Latina y Caribe 2023

Evento educativo con 30 sesiones impartidas por los expertos en seguridad de la industria del entretenimiento y las atracciones. Conozca las tendencias en prácticas de seguridad, operación y mantenimiento para promover esta cultura entre los integrantes de su equipo y sus visitantes. Conozca más.

Mes de la Seguridad IAAPA: América Latina y Caribe 2022

Evento educativo donde los expertos en seguridad de la industria comparten las mejores prácticas para promover la seguridad en el diseño, construcción, operación, mantenimiento y supervisión de parques y atracciones, bajo los más altos estándares de seguridad. Conozca más.

Mes de la Seguridad IAAPA: América Latina y Caribe 2021

Más de veinte sesiones educativas con valiosas herramientas para promover y desarrollar una cultura de seguridad entre los integrantes de su equipo. Capacítese y manténgase actualizado sobre los estándares de seguridad, la operación y los procedimientos de mantenimiento. Conozca más.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Basics 

With an increasing number of attractions transitioning to cashless operations, the use of card payments is on the rise. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards and how your attraction can comply with its regulations when accepting card payments. Learn more.

Planning and Designing Education Exhibits for Your Attraction 

What is at the heart of every great film you’ve ever seen, every book you’ve read, and every anecdote shared by a grandparent? Storytelling! Successful team members know that true learning also starts with this millennia-old tradition – and combining it with entertainment makes for the ultimate educational fun. This IAAPA course outlines how to create exhibits that combine the best of both worlds, one that is now referred to as ‘edutainment’. Learn more.

Planning Festivals and Special Events

This course provides an overview of the planning and design process for festivals and special events at an attraction. It provides best practices and considerations for creating a planning and design team, determining the event's theme, aligning the event to company objectives, and managing the daily operation of the event. This course will benefit team members involved in the planning and design process or daily operation of festivals and special events at an attraction. Learn more. Disponible en Español. 有中文版本(简体).

Principles of Managing Food Costs

Does an extra half-ounce serving of fries really make that much of a difference cost-wise to your food and beverage operation’s bottom line? Successful team members know that the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” and know precisely how to prevent over-portioning from happening, as well as how to maintain additional best practices in controlling food costs. This IAAPA course teaches the basic principles of managing food costs in your food and beverage operation. Learn more.

Public Relations Foundations: Media Training 

Without active public relations activities, an attraction sadly becomes forgettable, regardless of how much positive attention it may have garnered in the past. Successful team members know how to keep their attraction relevant in the public eye, whether it be through TV, radio, print, or digital mediums. This IAAPA course delves into how to elevate your attraction into the limelight and maintain its illumination. Learn more.

Recruiting and Interviewing Techniques

Successful hiring in the attractions industry means successful recruiting and interviewing. Learn techniques that will help you attract the best talent, eliminate obstacles and bias, and improve the candidate's experience. Learn more.

Sales Fundamentals: Using the Sales Cycle

What makes an attractions team member a great salesperson? Is it how convincing they can be or how knowledgeable they are about the product? While these elements are helpful, a great salesperson is one who can form a positive, mutually beneficial relationship with their guests. This IAAPA course teaches team members how to sell a solution and experience, not a product or service. Learn more.

Semana IAAPA: Centros de Entretenimiento Familiar 2023

El evento educativo y de networking específico para este importante sector de la industria de las atracciones. Sesiones presentadas en español, para ayudarle a optimizar su operación y estar al tanto de los avances en tecnología. Escuche a expertos de reconocidas compañías, compartiendo lo mejor de su operación. Learn more.

Semana IAAPA: Parques Acuáticos 2023

Revise este contenido educativo para aprender junto a sus colegas y amigos sobre los temas que mejorarán la experiencia de los visitantes en su parque acuático, ideas para aumentar sus ingresos y recomendaciones de mantenimiento. Sesiones grabadas, presentadas en español y algunas más en portugués. Learn more.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training

This IAAPA course examines the issue of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace and provides a variety of real-life scenarios in a typical attraction. Learn more.

Social Media Essentials

Popular social media platforms have transformed the way attractions interact with their guests. Now, more than ever, individuals use social media daily. Understanding the landscape of social media and how to thrive in it is no longer optional for businesses—it’s a necessary part of doing business in the digital age. This course offers an overview of how social media can be utilized effectively and appropriately to benefit your attraction. Learn more.

The Importance of New Employee Onboarding

This IAAPA course examines the elements of a positive onboarding experience and why it’s important to the success of your new employees. This is an excellent course for Human Resources professionals, trainers, supervisors, managers, or teams that are a part of the onboarding process at your attraction. Learn more.

Understanding Your Sales and Inventory Reports

This IAAPA course will provide you with a basic understanding of sales and inventory reports, and how to use them to gain information for making sound decisions in your organization. This is an excellent course for first-time managers or supervisors in a retail or games operation. Learn more.

Using Your Brand to Develop Effective Promotional Messaging

This IAAPA course will provide strategies for creating a message that aligns with your brand's voice, mission, and goals. This is an excellent course for newer attraction facilities, as well as facilities that might want a refresher on their branding skills. Learn more.

Welcoming Service Animals to Your Attraction

Successful team members seek to engage and accommodate all their guests, including those with service animals. They also know what (and when) to ask guests with service animals questions so that both can have a fun, meaningful time at their attraction while keeping both the guest and service animal safe. This IAAPA course helps team members learn what protections the ADA grants guests with service animals, as well as how to determine realistic accessibility guidelines. Learn more.